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. good morning. it's tuesday, july 5th. this is our a.m. wake-up call. i want to start with the story that could rock your world more than any other. it's about the nation's debt ceiling. lawmakers will try to hammer out a deal today -- i'm not holding a breath -- if they miss the august 2nd deadline to raise the debt ceiling it's like missing a payment on your credit card. the u.s. government, you could end paying more for the government's problem with higher interest rates. on things like home loans, car
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loans and student loans. watch for a verdict to brack today in the kasey anthony trial today. the jury reconvenes to decide if the young woman murdered her daughter. >> whose life was better? that's the only question you need to answer. in considering why caylee marie anthony was left on the side of the road, dead. there's your answer. >> the little girl drowned in the anthony's pool. if jury convicts casey anthony of first degree murder she could get the death penalty. the coast guard tells us eight people are still missing after rough weather sank a tour boat, expert can officials are thinking about switching focus now and searching for bodies
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rather than survivors. about 35 people were rescued. >> we got awakened about 2:30. they had to jump off the boat. they had life jackets on. >> one person is confirmed dead. that one person is an american. and this happened late last night on the west coast. a bus taking firefighters to battle a fire in the a national forest outside of l.a. crashed in palmdale. apparently, the only vehicle involved. nine people were hurt. we'll keep an eye out for more details. we told you that manhattan sex assault case against dominique strauss-kahn may be falling apart. a is separate but similar case against him could be building against him in france.
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a french writer said that her career would be damaged if she said something. a criminal complaint could be filed today in paris. when you hear this story, you might think you're having a nightmare. you're awake and it's really happening. this guy right here, kyle richards, he's serving time for bank robbery, suing the state of michigan because he's not allow porn material in his cell. >> we haven't had it here. there's no need for it. he's not going to get it from this sheriff. we have you know female officers, female inmates, female staff that works in this facility. there's no place for it here in our county jail. >> sadly the bill of rights
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hasn't gotten around for addressing porn in jail. > let's go across the ocean to hong kong to see how money is moving across the world this morning. good morning to you. bigger things to deal than porn in cells. how are world markets look sflg sure, good morning. insurgency is shadowing market. asian markets is the prospect of more monetary tightening in china. investors meanwhile in europe are struggling many reasons to buy. futures suggested mostly higher open, that could all change going forward. >> you know, there's a big question that i have here about trading partners. we were looking at the evolution of countries and populations over the next 40 years.
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a new report says that in 40 years out, india is going to become -- push united states out of the number two spot and become the second largest. >> that's right. china's set to be the biggest trader by 2015. india is to take over the united states by 2015 as number two. this is a huge surprise. what's behind india's rise? >> they'll benefit from the rise in trade between emerging markets. between the brick economies and they're creating new winners and that will include india. >> very interesting. the report from the u.s. census population that it will become the most populous country. take a look at this video. it's a little creepy. it's a dentist robot. a lifelike patient that dentist
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in training train on in japan. the robot -- look at this. it's creepy. it can sneeze, move her head. cough a little bit. the dentist can get actual training without actually hurting anyone. i'm probably a little -- i'm happier that it's a robot. it's based on a japanese love doll. >> i decided to check out the website of this doll is based on, the company is based in tokyo, it's not safe for work. i love this sound track. this is brilliant. >> good music. not safe for work. always good to be telling people early in the morning. >> don't click there.
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>>. let's check out the weather situation. good morning to you. how is your morning? how is the morning looking for flyers. >> we're starting okay. we had delays about half an hour ago. one of the places to be watching today for more delays, this morning low clouds, this afternoon thunderstorms again, that's why expecting to see some problems. who else is going to have some problems out there, san francisco, low clouds and fog. minneapolis zlooking for showers and thunderstorms. they're just another couple of hours away. should be clearing up after the 2:00 today. and denver and omaha looking for some thunderstorms this afternoon. so, everybody, kind of in that moderate category. a little bit of good news. lot of heat to talk about today, ali. >> watch this with me. a shark caught off the texas
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coast. this is 300 pounds. at least two sharks have been caught by fishermen recently in the area. large sharks in the gulf are creating a bunch of scares. >> wouldn't you clip the line than reel that thing in. >> exactly what i would do. >> good to see you this morning. jacqui jeras. fox news got its twitter account back after false tweets about president obama's death. here's the tweet of the day -- coming up after the break. [ grunts ]
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hour. let's get back to the quote of the day, made one of the prosecutors in the casey anthony murder trial. listen to this. >> people don't make accidents look like murder. that's absurd. >> that's jeff ashton the lead prosecutor, the case is with the jury right now. we may get a result as early as today. an important endorsement for president obama, the nation's largest teachers union voting yesterday to endorse the president for re-election in 2012, the union usually waits for the summer before the election. this year they voted early to provide strong support. the national education association represents 3.2 million teachers and administrators. town halls and town halls. but president obama is planning a twitter town hall set for tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. the white house made the
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announcement, of course, on twitter. send your question at hashtag ask obama. the president has almost 9 million twitter followers. vice president biden has 8,000 twitter followers. he just got into the twitter game yesterday. last time we checked, he had one tweet to his name. his twitter handle is at vp. yesterday, we told you about the fox news political twitter that was hacked. things are back to normal. the hackers posted erroneous tweets about president obama beings assassinated. the political ticker now, joining us from washington, tim, back to work today for most americans, back to work for the senate, they're looking at trying to figure out this debt ceiling situation before it's
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too late. >> i heard you mention that at the top of the show and you're absolutely right. this is may be not the sexiest stories but one of the more important ones. the senate is back, no scheduled meetings for today. and they need to get something done fairly quickly. believe it or not the house of representatives is scheduled to go on vacation in just a couple of weeks. obviously, legislation has to be written. there doesn't seem to be any clear path right now to an agreement right now. >> no clear path, less than a month to go. president obama is meeting with his afghanistan team today what is that about? >> it's the changing of the guard. the beginning of the drawdown this month in afghanistan. he's got the new secretary of defense leon pan net that in the office with him. ryan crocker who was on friday,
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confirmed as the newest ambassador to afghanistan. new players who are going to help make the decisions that the president is going to be making over the next several months and maybe years, having to do with the numbers of troops in place and the relationship between the united states government and the government of afghanistan. >> all right, tim, good stuff to look forward to today. how would you like to wake up to $11 billion this morning? it happened at a temper overseas. we're talking about ancient buried treasure. find out exactly what was found after this quick break. if you're up this early today, could be your special day. tuesday, july 5th is national workahol workaholics day. 16 minutes after the hour. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals.
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edwards will be back in court on federal criminal charges let me tell you more about the new head of the imf, first woman to run the financial institution. she replaces dominique strauss-kahn who's under investigation right now for sexual assault charges in new york. she'll serve a five-year term as the imf's managing director and chairman. she used to be finance chairman in her native country, france. we'll see more of her in the days and weeks to come. have you heard about this? this 2-year-old falls out of a window, plummets ten stories. a woman on the ground reaches up and grabs her, saving the toddler's life. she's being called the most beautiful mother in china for her heroics. it happened over the weekend in the zhejiang province.
5:20 am
this hero mom is now recovering from a broken arm. another amazing story the price tag, anyway, christie's auction says this portrait of an 18th century racehorse is one of the most valuable paintings they have ever sold. the mystery of hugo chavez and where he's going end up. she showed up back in venezuela yesterday morning. >> he did. good morning to you. he assured his supporters from the balcony from his palace that he's on the mend. it was po minutes which is quite short. he was dressed in military fatigues. here's the taste of the message of what he had to say to his
5:21 am
people. >> translator: how much time has just passed. how many days? ten days. it's incredible that i tell you i was there. you wouldn't believe, it's like a miracle but i have to be careful to the extreme with this recuperation. >> as we know the venezuelan president was in cuba for about a month where he underwent surgery to remove a cancerous tumor. his people said that he was going go back to venezuela in about six months. quite unexpected that he showed up much earlier than what we were told. >> some pressure because there had been discussions about how long he could be away from venezuela and still be in charge. >> that's correct. the vice president has assumed the presidency right now. again, many questions about
5:22 am
whether or not he'll be able to continue his rule there. >> you spent a lot of time to asia. what's the story with tiger airways. >> tiger airways is a low-coast carrier that serves southeast asia and australia, it's focusing on tiger airways australia, in march, the safety authority in australia had issued them a notice that the airline will be grounded for a week, that was last friday. that's when the grounded situation started. that was because they had concerns over what they're calling serious and imminent risk to air safety. that was back in march where these concerns had begun. what's happening now, they're looking to extend this period of groundings of flights because of another situation that took place last month, when two
5:23 am
pilots were flying curiously very low over melbourne airports. now they want to extend this period of grounding. many passengers are wondering whether if their flights are going to take off. >> we'll keep an eye on that. as you heard the charges against dominique strauss-kahn here in the united states seem to be losing steam, but then there's a new allegation -- an old allegation that's resurfacing in france. any word on the effect that' having? >> yes, if dominique strauss-kahn thought his legal troubles were perhaps on the way to be over it's not so much the case. a 32-year-old journalist in france is now going to be filing a criminal case, her lawyer's going be criminal case against dominique strauss-kahn for a situation that took place about it a years ago. she's claiming that she was sexually assaulted by dominique strauss-kahn.
5:24 am
and now, what the defense is going to be doing is filing this case and they're going to find out that there's going to be enough evidence to support her case. lot of people are wondering why now back then when she told her mother of this situation, her mother who worked for the social party had said, you know what, don't say anything right now. let's keep this you under wraps. when this blew up in new york, i think her mother said, okay, maybe you need to say something. interestingly enough, dominique strauss-kahn is planning to file a counterclaim against her. >> right. my guilty pleasure is that i right a lot of mystery novels. listen to this one. $11 billion in treasure found under a temple in india. here's what they found, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, pearls,
5:25 am
chunks of pure gold. hundreds of thousands of gold and silver coins. this is in a temple in india. who gets this stuff? >> you know, this is such a fascinating story. some reports are stating that this is going to be worth some $22 billion and they're also saying that the amount that this is worth is three times the size of the place where this was found. who gets it? apparently, they're saying that the temple gets to keep these treasures that are found. it's ironic, we're talking about a country where 37% of the population lives under the poverty line. you have to wonder, is that fair? >> money goes a long way in india. >> thank you. all right, businessman special time. bacon, if you're a carnivore,
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good morning. it's tuesday, july 5th. i'm ali velshi joining you from new york city this morning. watch for a verdict to break in the casey anthony murder trial today. the jury reconvenes today to decide if the young woman murdered her daughter, caylee. the prosecution wrapped things up with this question -- >> whose life was better?
5:30 am
that's the only question you need to answer. in considering why caylee marie anthony was left on the side of the road, dead. there's your answer. >> the defense claims that the little girl drowned in the anthony's pool. if the jury convicts anthony of first degree murder she could get a death penalty. safety first at next year's olympics in london. ten exercises to plan for a white-range safety issues. their security budget is up to $1 billion. yellowstone river running through the famous national park is still bleeding oil and exxon mobil pipeline burst on friday, gallons of black oil leaked. the water's strong currents is making clean-up almost impossible.
5:31 am
fun and fanfare at the white house as the obamas hosted families for a july 4th celebration. >> you have done everything we could have asked of you. your families have sefshgd alongside of you with strength and devotion. >> the president then met with families for barbecue and fireworks. ever want to pay to zip through those security lines. 45% would likely cough up $150 a year to go through a background check and skip the line. the l.a. times reports that the idea has the support of the guy in charge of the tsa. interesting idea. i would try it. christine romans joins us now. good morning. markets back in business today. yesterday, i asked you for a firm prediction of what markets could do because u.s. markets are closed.
5:32 am
>> i'm going to say, my call, my morning market call is really flat. ali, it was huge week last week. stocks were up 5%. jobs report on friday. the action of the first few days of this bookended by last week and them the jobs report on friday. >> okay, debt ceiling, august 2nd, the senate is back in business today. the house comes back tomorrow. i can't say this enough, because people don't seem to taking seriously how missing this deadline could affect plain old americans. >> i'm with you. you missed this deadline. credit ratings agency saying that america can't pay all of its bills. suddenly you got interest rates going up for you need it for, student loan, credit card, car a
5:33 am
house. not to mention the fact of insecurity and the unpredictable nature of what global markets would think of the u.s. it's not a good time. i'll give you another deadline, july 22nd or july 23rd. you got to give the government some time to make the legislation and sign the legislation because bills have to be paid august 2nd. >> and by the way, that second point you made about capital markets i keep on reminding people about lehman brothers, let lehman brothers fail, take it in stride. the next it was pandemonium. >> we still got greece that we're worried about. lot of uncertainties in the global international markets. all of that is not good. >> hey, early in the morning,
5:34 am
going out to get a bacon sandwi sandwich, what's going on with bacon. >> reports that bacon prices are going to go up. a couple of reasons, ali, it's the blt season, you got huge increases in grain prices this year which means, farmers who work on kind of a longer lead time, they were watching those prices go up. hog herds are up about 1% this summer over last year. not a lot. and you also got some heat -- these pictures are making my mouth water. sweltering heat can affect the size of the hog herd. there you go. >> christine, i have known you for a long time. you love bacon and most people don't know about your roots as a commodity reporter. >> i covered pork belly futures.
5:35 am
and as a consumer, i will say one of my new year's resolution was to eat bacon only once a day. >> christine, i'll see you in 25 minutes on american morning. ballerinas are getting locked out. just like pro ball stars. ballerinas. i'll tell you after the break. before we go, smart question of the day -- can you guess how many tweets are being sent per day worldwide? here are your choices, 2 million, 200 million, 2 billion? [ male announcer ] to the seekers of things which are one of a kind. the authentic, the rare, the hard to define. to those always searching for what's pure and what's real
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speak with hud-approved housing counselors free of charge at... 39 my name is after the hour. right before the break, our get smart question of the day. twitter announces it has hit a new milestone. can you guess how many tweets are being sent per day worldwide? here are your choices.
5:39 am
the answer is b, 200 million tweets per day according to folks at twitter. that equals 8,163 copies of war and peace. mark preston joins me on the phone with the political ticker. a guy like you isn't early for you. president obama just getting a big endorsement from an influential union, that part is not surprising. it's surprising, though, because it's 2011. it's july of 2011. >> you're right, ali. the national education association the largest teachers union just endorsed president obama yesterday and as you said, they usually wait the year before the election to do so. however, they're doing it two years early, two reasons, perhaps three reasons. number one, is the gains of
5:40 am
republicans. ali, they're worried that the president may not be able to win re-election next year. this union represents 3.2 million people. lot of folks that could help the president win re-election. >> you following polling closely. the economy was the number one issue on people's minds, going into this presidential election the economy once again is going to be the number one issue on people's minds and that what republican candidates are going to be talking about today. >> you're right, ali. in fact, you schooled me a lot on that bus trip across the country. because you talked about that issue was a big issue. look at two republican candidates, mitt romney is going to be in new hampshire, he's going to hold a town hall up there on the economy and meet
5:41 am
with small business owners. yesterday, romney doubled down on his criticism on the president, saying that the obama, quote, made the depression longer than it needed to be. meanwhile, out in iowa, the long-shot candidate rick santorum, kicks off a jobs tour in iowa. so expect to hear a lot about the jobs and the economy as the main theme for the gop candidates on the trial today. and of course, in the coming months. >> rick santorum will be on american morning a couple of hours from now. you can hear it directly from him. mark, good to see you. have a good rest of your morning. it's 42 minutes after the hour right now. here are three things that need to be on your radar today. the jury tried too to deciding whether accused murderer casey anthony is guilty or not guilty? their deliberations continue
5:42 am
this morning. plus the senate is back in session today, trying to come to an agreement on the debt ceiling. pay attention to this today. it could influence the money in your wallet. the house comes back tomorrow to try to achieve the same thing. in minnesota today, formal meetings continue on the government shutdown. they weren't able to come to an agreement on the budget. the government has been shut down since friday. eagles wide receiver desean jackson horsing around. he has an acl tear. a setbacks in ending that lockout. retired players complained monday because they want a piece of the money pie to cover pension and disabilities payments. the nba lockout have a lot of people worried that it will
5:43 am
dwarf the clashes in pro football. get this -- not just baseball players and football players, ballerinas are facing their own lockouts. one of the best ballet companies in the country won't be able to perform for part of the season. their union didn't agree on a new contract. ballerinas must clean out their lockers by friday. the tour de france, an american won day three. the race runs through july 24th. that's a whole lot of cycling. time now for sports with sports illustrated pablo torre. a competitive event watched every year, they even call the competitors athletes. right here in new york. the nathan's hot dog eating contest.
5:44 am
>> yeah, nothing says american exceptionalism quite like stuffing 62 hot dogs and 62 hot dog buns in your mouth in ten minutes. that's exactly what 27-year-old american joey chestnut did. >> look at that. >> yesterday at coney island. hdb, is the official unit of measurement for a nathan's hot dog eating contest. hot dog plus bun didn't break his own record at 68. it was enough to win. second-place winner only had 53 hdbs. and chestnut won $20,000. which of course is about a $1 per calorie. he had over 40,000 grams of
5:45 am
sodium. >> all right, here's the thing that a lot of people don't know, joey chestnut is a famous. another famous name in hot dog eating, cob yashi. he wasn't allowed to compete. he held a separate hot dog eating side. what is this about? >> i mean, there's no shortage of controversy in the world of competitive eating. of course, kobayashi, last year rushed the stage at nathan's. was yesterday because his contract dispute prevented him from competing. this year, he held a simulcast. breaks the record. the organizers of nathan's are still ongoing. they don't recognize that 69 hdbs.
5:46 am
only can we decide with the rise who's the ultimate champion, i guess. >> hdb the mshghe measure of su. pa pablo torr freshgs sports illustrated. this day in history, july 5th, 1946, french designer introduces the bikini at a popular swimming pool in paris. tell you more about it in two minutes.
5:47 am
5:48 am
5:49 am
49 minutes after the hour. good morning. it's tuesday, july 5th this is your a.m. wake-up call. i'm ali velshi. time to go around the world from london. new developments on that capsized boat off the coast of mexico. what do we know? >> yeah, as you know the mexican authorities as well as the u.s. coast guard are still scouring the waters after the baja california peninsula. up to eight people still missing after this tour boat capsized. you broke the story yesterday morning. eight people are still missing. as many as 44 people who were on this boat. most of them survived except for one american. the lone fatality. all 16 crew members all survived. some swam to shore and alerted
5:50 am
authorities to what had happened. there was bad weather in the area at the time. again the u.s. coast guard and mexican authorities are still trying to finding the eight people still missing. ali? >> let's talk about dominique strauss-kahn. it looks like the case against him here in new york is falling apart. meanwhile a new developing for him in france. >> yeah, his legal problems are far from over for dominique strauss-kahn. if he thought because the new york case was crumbling there are new cases against him. especially one new case, i should say, in france, a journalist through her lawyer has filed a criminal complaint against him for a situation that took place some eight years ago. she's accusing dominique strauss-kahn of sexually assaulting her. now, people, are wondering whether or not -- wondering why it took this long to file this
5:51 am
complaint. it goes back to the fact that her mother had advised not to file this complaint, because her mother was working for the socialist party that dominique strauss-kahn was working for as well. we'll have to wait and see if there's enough ed in this complaint to take this legal proceeding further. ali? >> thanks very much. the nation's debt ceiling here in the united states, it's not the sexiest story you'll hear today. it's probably the most important. lawmakers are trying to hammer out an agreement. if you miss one payment on one of your credit cards it can make the interest rates on your credit cards skyrocket. you could pay higher interest rates on car loans, student loans, you could also see fewer services for your tax dollars. lot of people will have their eyes fwlud to the tv
5:52 am
today, watching for a verdict in the casey anthony trial. remember anything like this since the o.j. simpson trial? the jury reconvenes at 8:30 eastern time to decide if the young woman murdered her daughter caylee. the prosecution wrapped things up with this question. >> whose life was better? that's the only question you need to answer. in considering why caylee marie anthony was left on the side of the road, dead. there's your answer. >> claims that the little girl drowned -- the defense claims that the little girl drowned in the anthonys pool. congress is talking about cutting off the money for the microbiological data program. the big winner of that could be e controli.
5:53 am
that killed people in germany. they say it's redundancy and unnecessary because other companies are already doing the same thing. this guy right here, kyle richards a jailbird serving time for bank robbery. suing the state of michigan because he can't have porn in his cell. he says that his rights are being trampled. what did the founding fathers did? we know what the sheriff is doing? listen. >> we haven't had it here. there's no need for it. he's not going to get it from this sheriff. we have female officers, female inmates and female staff that works here. >> the american civil liberties union isn't touching this case this video from prince edward island, canada, prince william is flying that
5:54 am
helicopter, splashed it down in the lake, it's okay because he was meant to do it. his bride catherine watched from the shore. the royal couple is in canada all week. he's trained to do this, by the way. jacqui jeras from atlanta. >> minneapolis-st. paul a cluster of thunderstorms in that area right now. that could cause some delays. we think that everybody's going to stay under an hour of possible delays. atlanta. san francisco, low clouds and fog. some morning issues there and denver and omaha looking for some minor delays. due to afternoon thunderstorms. ali, i like the vest. >> it's a reverse strip tease. jacqui, good to see you. today's word of the day milky brown. find out what it means right after this short break.
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58 minutes after the hour. time to tell you about today's word of the day. milky brown, it's the color of the residue from the oil in the yellowstone river. here are three things that need to be on your radar today. the senate is back in session, trying to come to an agreement on the debt ceiling. the house comes back tomorrow. this morning at 9:00 a.m. the new international monetary fund director will officially be seated in washington president at 9:30 eastern this morning, former presidential nominee and former senator will be back in
5:59 am
cou court. visions across the world suffering about uncertainty this tuesday. that's translating in a lack of movement on the markets. more monetary tightening in china in reaction to spiraling inflation. in your part of the world, ali, futures suggest a higher start to the first trading session. >> let's hope those debt talks go well. nestle in talks with a chinese candymaker that could be worth over $2 billion? >> yeah, the deal makes sense. nestle needs bitter cash to a key emerging market in china. acquisition deals are difficult to wrap up in the country due to

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